Training To Become A Real Estate Agent

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People who wish to begin training to become a real estate agent all start at the same point. Big dreams, along with the hope that real estate will be the career for them.

Real estate agents are required to be licensed before conducting any business. Online training is available in most states to complete your pre-license requirements. These pre-license requirements include:
Training To Become A Real Estate Agent

  • High school diploma or equivalent
  • At least 19 years old
  • Complete a minimum approved course
  • Be administered a proctored exam
  • Pass a state exam

The training you will get during a real estate course includes:

  • Understanding property basics
  • Ownership transfer
  • Real estate law
  • Math
  • Understanding contracts
  • Escrow

State approved courses after 6 months of initial licensing is usually required as well.

After you have completed training and become a licensed real estate agent, there will be ongoing continuing education requirements. The usual minimum is 15 hours or so every…

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