Top 3 Biggest Real Estate Listing Agent Pet Peeves

The Torres Team

I usually don’t rant about things, but lately, I’ve noticed some lack of work ethics from some Listing Agents that are starting to annoy the hell outta me.  When I see things like this, it irks me to no end.  I mean, really?  Who does this?

Here are my top 3 biggest Listing Agent pet-peeves (in no particular order).


1. The Listing Agent that does not answer his/her phone.   I have a client looking to purchase a home in Carlsbad.  On Monday, I found a home she would be interested in so I call the listing agent to get more information about the property.  No answer.  I  leave a detailed message.  No reply.  I send a text.  No answer.  I send an email.  No answer.   We decide to go take a look at the place, because it does show as active on the MLS.  She likes the home.  She…

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